5 to Try: Winter Beach Activities

Don’t wait for the summer sun to visit the beach, plan ahead and you’ll have just as much fun on a winter beach!

Rockpool Treasure Hunt

Give everyone a little bucket and ask them to find different things in the rock pools. From seaweed and shells, to pretty pieces of coloured beach glass. The one with the most items wins. And if you’re very lucky, they may even find some real treasure!

Driftwood Sculptures

After a good storm, you’ll find lots of interesting pieces of driftwood on the shore line. Take it home and let it dry out and then you’ll find it will stick together easily with a good strong glue. Try covering a picture or mirror frame, or take inspiration for a bigger project from the driftwood horse sculpture at the Eden Project.

Shell mobiles

This is a great thing to do in between the showers on a drizzly day. Collect as many shells as you can with holes in, Keep an eye out for fishing line too (but do watch out for stray hooks), then take them back home to the warm and string up the shells with the fishing line to make mobiles and wind chimes. Not only will these become reminders of a great holiday, but they’ll also make the perfect gift for granny & grandad!

Winter Picnic

Who says you can’t have a picnic in the winter? Wrap up well, grab a warm blanket and a basket of Cornish goodies and head off to the coast. Hot pasties always go down well, and fill a flask with soup, hot chocolate or just an endless supply of tea. Some beaches allow small fires, but do check before you light up.

Kite Flying

Winter beaches are the best place to fly kites! Not only are you almost guaranteed to have the necessary windspeed, but chances are you’ll have the beach to yourselves too! Either buy them ready made, or spend some time beforehand making and decorating your own.

Do you have any other great ideas? Let us know by commenting in the Facebook box below.

Written by Jane Sarchet who loves sharing her passion for Cornwall and her love of good food over at her blog, hedgecombers.com.


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