10 Tips for a Sustainable Stay

Welcome to our beautiful county! Want to know how you can help us keep it this way? By making simple choices during your visit, you can play your part in looking after Cornwall’s natural heritage. Below are just a few suggestions, but feel free to add your own.

Choose green businesses.

From booking your accommodation to deciding where to eat, seek out those who are taking care to have as low an impact as possible, and even giving something back to the land they live off. This might mean they have invested in eco-technologies, or it might simply be that they avoid single-use plastic.

Choose the path less explored.

Give the honeypots a chance to recover – you’ll escape the crowds and make new discoveries in the process.

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Bring any rubbish home with you and sort it – and avoid single-use plastic.

Do a two-minute beach clean.

If others have left their litter behind, help them to do their bit.

Be mindful.

Treat all your senses to Cornwall: smell the fresh sea air, hear the cry of gulls on the wing, feel the sand between your toes, see the stars in our super-dark skies. It costs nothing – to you or the planet.

Keep it local.

With every decision you make – what to eat or stay, how to enjoy yourself – think about where your money is going and how it’s supporting the local economy. Wherever possible, support local independent businesses and work with the seasons.

Ditch the wheels.

You don’t need a car to enjoy Cornwall – we have some spectacularly scenic railway branch lines, and so many fabulous ferries. Alternatively, take a bike ride or step out of the front door and see where Shank’s pony will take you – mine your local area for activities. If you can get here without your car, do – at Bosinver, we’ll even refund your taxi fare from the station. We also provide a list of 50 things to do within easy reach without a car – ask your holiday accommodation provider for recommendations.

Do not waste anything.

I am particularly disheartened by the food waste left in the bin by some guests at the end of their stay, especially given that we have a food composter on site (and an appreciative dog).

Stop buying so much STUFF.

Lockdown has taught us that we can manage with less of most things. Think before you buy.

Avoid single-use plastic.

Have we already said that? More than once? Well, let’s say it again. Cornwall’s beautiful beaches are blighted by unnecessary plastic waste. Even in landfill, it can take years to break down. Who needs disposable plastic straws or forks, when a cup or a metal fork will do? Just don’t. If you must use disposable, make it biodegradable.

Pat Smith runs Bosinver holiday accommodation at Trelowth, near St Austell, and is the driving force behind the Final Straw Cornwall campaign to rid the county of single-use plastics in hospitality outlets.




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